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Fulcrum Partners Releases Report on Deferred Income and Higher Taxes


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL-- (May 2, 2013) – Executive benefits consultancy Fulcrum Partners LLC announces the release of the white paper: “Advantages to Pre-Tax Deferral of Income in an Uncertain Tax Environment." Authored by Steve Broadbent (Fulcrum Partners LLC, Atlanta, GA) and Chris Nyland (Fulcrum Partners LLC, Charleston, SC), the report takes an analytical look at the common practice of deferring compensation and what that really means financially to the individual given today’s unpredictable tax environment.

Presenting actual case studies, the report shows how to consider recent and future tax rate changes and investment returns when analyzing whether to participate in your employer’s nonqualified deferred compensation plan (DCP). Steve Broadbent explains, “We continue to hear concerns from deferred compensation plan participants about the potential impact of higher taxes in the future. The objective of this analysis is to demonstrate that the pre-tax deferral of income continues to provide greater results as compared to after-tax investing if taxes continue to rise in the future.”

Chris Nyland adds, “The economy is beginning to recover, albeit a limited recovery. As this happens, new optimism arises in how DCP participants feel about their employers and their individual financial plans.”

The full report is available from Fulcrum Partners as a download at http://www.fulcrumpartnersllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/FULCRUM_PARTNERS_WHITE_PAPER_TAX_ADV_-APRIL_2013.pdf

The company has also made the report available on Scribd and on SlideShare.

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