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From Benghazi, the IRS and AP to Alaska Watershed Assessment: Is The Rule Of Law At Stake?


Northern Gas Pipelines

We try to bring you relevant news and comment affecting Alaskan and Northern Canadian energy policies, governments and people -- every day!  Alaskan, Lower 48 and Canadian government and corporate leaders by the thousands are loyal readers, along with hundreds of news media colleagues throughout North America, legislative staff advisers, NGOs, and students pursuing secondary study through Ph.D. dissertations.
But we don't write you every day--keeping our ammunition dry and ready for special occasions.  When you don't get an email, please check in because you will find items that you may first hear of here, even though we haven't issued an alert.  
Occasionally, days will go by without an alert, but you should still check in.
Sometimes, we provide alerts several days in a row, as we have this week.  
Today, we alert you to what we believe is a developing nexus between the Administration's current crisis of trust to our experience with the Administration's end-runs around the 'rule of law' affecting natural resource issues.
We hope you find our daily research useful and serving the public interest.  Thank you for your readership, encouragement and constant stream of comment.


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