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BLM-Alaska Campground Update


ANCHORAGE – Despite warm weather over Memorial Day weekend, several of the frequently used BLM campgrounds in Alaska remain congested with snow or are experiencing flooding from nearby rivers or streams.

Campgrounds in the Glennallen Field Office area report the following conditions:

Brushkana Creek, Tangle Lakes and Paxson Lake campground entrances remain plugged with snow.  The extended forecast predicts fresh snow June 1 weekend near Paxson.  (Contact: Glennallen Field Office, 907-822-3217)

Sourdough Creek Campground on the Richardson Highway is open, but has no drinking water.  Ground conditions are wet and services are limited.  (Contact: Glennallen Field Office, 907-822-3217)

The Gulkana River broke up over the Memorial Day weekend causing the highest flooding event ever recorded at the Sourdough Creek Campground.  The boat launch area is inundated with large sheets of ice and the launch access is closed.  Portions of the drivable surfaces at the campground are flooded.  

The BLM Glennallen Field Office will continue to update the campground web page as new information becomes available.  http://www.blm.gov/ak/st/en/prog/recreation/activities/campgrounds/Glennallen_Field_Office_Campgrounds.html

Campgrounds in the Fairbanks District Office (FDO) report the following conditions:

White Mountains National Recreation Area and Steese Highway:  Nome Creek Road is washed out at the bridge.  Visitor facilities along Nome Creek, including the Mt. Prindle and Ophir Creek campgrounds and the Quartz Creek Trail, are inaccessible as a result.  U.S. Creek Road is open as far as the bridge, but turning around is difficult and travel is not advised.

Cripple Creek Campground is open.  The outhouses are not yet functional. There is no drinking water available.

Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River’s upper section remains frozen.

(Contact: Fairbanks District Office, 907-474-2251)

Fortymile and Taylor Highway region:

West Fork, Walker Fork and Eagle Campgrounds are open but with limited services.  There is no drinking water available in these campgrounds.

(Contact:  Fairbanks District Office, 907-474-2251)

Dalton Highway:  Road conditions from Fairbanks to Atigun Pass are fair to good.

 Please check road conditions prior to any planned trips north.

Marion Creek Campground is open.

Galbraith Lake Campground is inaccessible due to lingering snow.

The Arctic Interagency Visitor Center is open 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, seven days a week.  Check with them for up-to-the-minute campground status.

(Phone:  907-678-5209)

For more information regarding camping and recreational opportunities in the Fairbanks District visit its website at:  http://www.blm.gov/ak/st/en/fo/fdo.html.

Travelers are urged to check the State of Alaska’s Traveler Information website at http://511.alaska.gov/  for updates on travel conditions along the Dalton, Steese, Richardson and other Alaskan highways.

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