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Anchorage International Airport Master Plan Update


  • There is no proposal to build a north-south runway at this time.  Current airline traffic does not merit a new runway.  However, in the Master Plan Update the Airport is evaluating five long-range development alternatives that will set aside land for future development in the appropriate locations if and when additional aviation capacity is needed.   Two of those five alternatives include a new runway. The Airport does not currently have a preferred alternative. In September 2013, the Master Plan Update Team will identify the Airport's draft preferred alternative and solicit further public comment at that time prior to selecting a final alternative in late 2013.
  • Airport development would occur only if and when actual airline traffic levels showed a pending need. Under any alternative, additional development would be pursued only if and when actual airline traffic levels and delay showed a real need. The Airport is planning proactively, but will implement reactively.  Even if demand materializes, there would be many additional steps (including many opportunities for public involvement) prior to construction, including: Legislative approval, land acquisition, environmental studies, a positive benefit/cost analysis, FAA approval, and Airlines approval.
  • No airlines have spoken out in favor of or opposed to any of the draft alternatives under study.  Passenger and cargo airlines that operate at ANC have been actively involved in this Master Plan Update process and have endorsed use of the ANC Forecast of Aviation Activity (i.e., projected growth rates) for planning purposes.  Close coordination with the airlines will be ongoing throughout the Master Plan Update.
  • The Airport remains committed to a contiguous Coastal Trail. If there were a project in the future that impacted the Coastal Trail, the trail would be maintained as a contiguous trail. Impacts to the Coastal Trail would be mitigated as determined through an environmental process, including extensive public, trail user, and agency input.
  • Point Woronzof Overlook will remain open to the public. None of the five alternatives would remove the Point Woronzof Overlook. Public access to the overlook, parking area, and beach in this area would be maintained, and reconfiguration of the access road and parking would occur to accommodate any changes to the Airport.
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