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Alaska Chamber Unveils New Logo and Name


Strong imagery that is distinctly Alaska conveys the attitude and mission of the renewed organization and the energy with which it pursues its goals.

Anchorage, AK - The Alaska Chamber today officially launched its new brand identity, inclusive of a refreshed corporate logo, more accurate name, a new corporate color palette and logo mark.

The updated brand identity represents a shift in engagement, but not direction for the organization. Although legislative advocacy will remain an integral part of the Alaska Chamber’s mission, the organization will also inform Alaskans on the importance of a vibrant and healthy business sector and the instrumental role practical pro-business policies are in creating that environment.

Under the new brand identity, the organization dropped "State" and “of Commerce” from its name in all new marketing communications programs. This deliberate move better conveys the chamber’s role in Alaska. “Contrary to popular belief, the Alaska Chamber is not a state government agency,” says Rachael Petro, President and CEO. She goes on to point out, “Because of this incorrect assumption and the fact that many other state chambers of commerce include tourism promotion as one of their core missions, it was important for us to brand ourselves distinctly from the state and other chamber entities.”

The organization felt it was important to change the logo and name at this time to more adequately reflect the expanded presence the Alaska Chamber intends to take in the state as well as the enthusiastic and energetic role it will play now and in the future.

“Over the last few years, the Alaska Chamber has gradually expanded its programs, its advocacy role and its position in the community. I am excited to see our new identity reflect the positive actions taken by our board and the staff to make this happen,” says Renee Schofield, Alaska Chamber Board Chair.

The corporate logo has been modernized to reflect the new organization, yet maintains strong elements that point to its Alaska roots. Along with mountain and ocean imagery, the new logo also adopts a look that points to the road ahead and the possibilities that lie there. The new logo also adds dimension and motion over previous logos, reflecting the organizations forward-looking mission and its ability to be an instrumental advocate for change.

The logotype is clean and powerful, underscoring the strength of the organization, while still retaining a distinct business look. The move to a more energetic color palette is indicative of the renewed energy in the organization and its mission.

Along with its new look, the Alaska Chamber will also take a more active role in promoting a positive business climate in Alaska through public education, community outreach and expanded marketing efforts statewide.

About the Alaska Chamber
The Alaska Chamber, a private, non-profit corporation, operating since 1952, works to promote a positive business environment in Alaska. The Alaska State Chamber is the voice of small and large business with a Board of Directors comprised of over 70 members representing all regions of the state. For more information, go to www.alaskachamber.com.

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