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Northern Gas Pipelines News for May 10 & 11


5-10-12 & 5-11-12

Enviro group just 1 of top 10 foreign-funded charities - CTV.ca - ... foreign donors to finance their campaigns against oil and gas projects. ... hijack hearings on a pipeline that would bring Alberta oilsands bitumen to a ...

Today, we encourage readers to make note of this link for future reference:  Administration actions designed to increase the cost and reduce the reliability of energy.  As our faithful readers know, we can add a significant number of allegations to this list, and will do so at the earliest opportunity.  Thanks to the Institute for Energy Research for this good work -- and to reader Lee Gerhard for bringing it to our attention!  -dh

 HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS: U.S. Rep. Bill Flores of Texas yesterday offered  an amendment to H.R. 5326 (Fiscal Year 2013 Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill) that would prohibit the use of any funds appropriated under this bill from being used to Congressman Doc Hastings, Ocean Policy, Photo By Dave Harbourimplement the National Ocean Policy established under Executive Order 13547.  Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the amendment in a bipartisan 246-174 vote.  In a statement following the vote, Rep. Flores said in part that "[i]t is imperative that we first understand the effects this policy will have on jobs as well as the vast coastal and inland economies...," adding that he was "pleased to see the passage of my amendment preventing the funding for the National Ocean Policy, which had the potential to take funds away from existing congressionally authorized activities critical to the ocean and coastal economies."  U.S. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP Photo) said in his statement that "[w]ithout knowing the potential jobs and economic ramifications of the Policy, nor the amount of time, money and resources it will cost to implement, it is imperative that we halt funding so that these questions can be answered and proper Congressional oversight can be conducted."  

Hess proposing a $4 million gas pipeline - Minot Daily News - Hess currently ships processed liquids directly from the gas plant using the Burlington NorthernSanta Fe rail line. The pipeline will replace this rail service and eliminate the need for BNSF storage track in Tioga. "It gets liquid petroleum gas rail ... See all stories on this topic » 
Natural gas pipeline spills condensates - Calgary Herald - CALGARY — A pipeline break in central Alberta was dubbed minor by provincial regulators investigating a spill of light oil on Samson Cree First Nation land, the Energy Resources Conservation Board said. Operator AltaGas Utilities confirmed the break, ... See all stories on this topic »

CEA News Links.
NCN: NDEQ Pipeline Meeting Kick Off in O’Neill (Video) **CEA and Michael Whatley mentioned in article
O'Neill was the site of the first of what the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality says is many meetings regarding the Keystone XL pipeline to come. "We're hoping over the next four meeting times that if we have any landowner that wonders if they're going to be impacted or are impacted by the corridor that they can come in and find out what their situation is and ask any questions that they have," says Mike Linder, Director of the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.
Omaha World-HeraldEven with rerouting, landowners cool to pipeline **CEA and Michael Whatley mentioned in article
He attributed the lower percentage to landowners being unavailable due to planting chores, those wishing to attend an informational meeting before talking to TransCanada, and a concerted effort by opposition groups, like the Nebraska Sierra Club and BOLD Nebraska, to urge landowners to ignore the land agents. Michael Whatley, an official with a Houston-based pro-pipeline group, the Consumer Energy Alliance, said that he thought changing the pipeline route had “defused” most of the political opposition to the project in Nebraska, and that residents were more comfortable with it.
Washington TimesKeystone XL would aid the economy (Editorial)
President Obama is in full campaign mode, so any job-creating proposals that even slightly offend any of the naive sensitivities of the far left will be stonewalled until “after the election.” At that point, they will be hurled to the bottom of a pile of a multiplicity of other solutions that have been recommended to actually spur economic growth in this country (see any of the budgets that have passed the House). Mr. Obama’s previous, inconceivable lack of support for the Keystone XL pipeline, a decision that should have been an easier call than killing Osama bin Laden (which he continues to remind us was evidence of his gutsy leadership), is unimaginable given our economic condition and the number of Americans out of work.
Barack Obama is going to get another shot at getting the decision of the Keystone XL Pipeline right.  The Canadian company, TransCanada, seeking to build the massive delivery system that would transport 800,000 barrels of oil from the Canadian tar sands to Texas refineries announced it is resubmitting an application for permitting approval. Obama killed the jobs creating, energy supplying proposal in January to appease his radical environmental constituency that opposes anything connected with the hydrocarbon industry.  Criticism of his blatantly political decision came from all corners of the spectrum including the President's usually loyal labor unions who coveted the employment opportunities the pipeline would generate.
Increasing domestic production of oil won’t significantly boost energy security in the United States, according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO advocated policies that reduce demand for oil, such as promoting more fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles. “Policies that promoted greater production of oil in the United States would probably not protect U.S. consumers from sudden worldwide increase in oil prices, even if increased production lowered the world price of oil on an ongoing basis,” the report noted. “In fact, such lower prices would encourage greater use of oil, thus making consumers more vulnerable to increases in oil prices.”
U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday that the dunes sagebrush lizard might not be listed as endangered if enough energy companies and ranchers voluntarily agree to preserve the sand-dwelling reptile’s habitat. Salazar endorsed the conservation pacts as a way to protect the lizard while avoiding the more rigid federal endangered-species listing, which could put the brakes on oil and gas drilling in parts of West Texas and New Mexico.



Once again, the most important energy headlines of the day come from the Congressman Doc Hastings, Ocean Policy, Photo By Dave Harbouroffice of Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings (NGP Photo):


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