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Mayor's Education Summit Report


Today Mayor Sullivan released the final report on the insights into education reform that came out of the February Community Conversations. Over 350 citizens worked through the four potential choices for reform that were identified at last November’s Summit, which were:

1. World-class leadership: invest in teachers and principals;
2. Make the Anchorage community a true partner in K-12 education;
3. Set great expectations for student success; and
4. Expand choice and opportunity for all.

The goal of the community discussions was to identify common ground on where our community does and doesn’t agree on the changes that could be made. Some of the key findings (described in the report) are: Status quo is not an option Set higher standards More and better vocational education Good teaching and more of it Community involvement School choice, but only within the district.
Of interest was that the views of educators and non-educators were more similar than different (42% of the participants worked in education). Areas of agreement included a deep commitment to help students learn, to prepare them to succeed, and to find the best ways for them to achieve that future.

The two areas in which there was a notable difference in opinion were merit pay and specific priorities to improve education.
The report’s insights are intended to better inform the discussion that will take place at the June Capstone Summit. Public support will be necessary for whatever recommendations are decided—and knowing ahead of time where the public is on the various issues will improve the likelihood of success.

The full report is available on the Education Summit’s website: http://www.muni.org/Departments/Mayor/Pages/CommunityConversations.aspx.

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