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ICYMI - Alaska Senate President Gary Stevens Joins Growing Opposition to Pebble Mine


"This is the wrong mine in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Alaska State Senate President Gary Stevens has joined the growing number of Alaskans who oppose the Pebble Mine. In an interview on KMXT radio on May 9, 2012, Senator Stevens said the Pebble Mine was the "wrong mine in the wrong place at the wrong time." In an op-ed published yesterday in the Anchorage Daily News, the Senator stated plans for the mine's development failed to ensure healthy, sustainable economic growth for Alaska. The Pebble Mine lies within Senator Stevens' legislative district.

The Senator also expressed concerns over the damage caused to the local salmon population by the huge amounts of mining waste expected to be produced by the development. Five of the largest dams ever created would be necessary to hold the project's toxic dust and debris. The Bristol Bay headwaters, located directly in the path of the Pebble Mine, is home to the world's largest wild salmon fishery as well as a commercial fishing industry that employs 7,000 workers and generates $300 million a year.

Opposition to the Pebble Mine has been growing steadily in Alaska. A poll released by the Bristol Bay Native Corporation in November of last year reported that over 80 percent of its shareholders opposed the mine. Additionally, a study published in July 2011 concluded that 85 percent of Bristol Bay's commercial fishermen surveyed opposed the Pebble Mine.

Anyone can add their voice to the growing chorus against the disastrous development of the Pebble Mine by signing the Pebble Pledge which states, "Development of Pebble is an unacceptable risk to the largest wild salmon fishery on earth-Bristol Bay. I urge my representatives and Governor Parnell to Stop the Pebble Mine." Click here to view the full pledge and to add your name.

Click here to listen to all of Senator Stevens' comments on Pebble Mine on KMXT.

Click here to read Senator Stevens' op-ed in the Anchorage Daily News.


Alaskans for Bristol Bay
Alaskans for Bristol Bay is a 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to preventing the destruction of the largest wild salmon fishery on earth. The Bristol Bay headwaters support abundant wildlife, local subsistence with a 10,000 year history, and world class commercial and sport fishing opportunities.

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