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GARA: I'm Back and Reporting for Duty Sir/Ma'am!


Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Sorry I've been out of touch for a bit. As you may know, I had to leave Juneau a few days into special session for surgery, which turned out great. I'm on my way home tomorrow - to the relief of my nephews who've been humoring me, and listening to me gripe about the Red Sox for two and a half weeks. They're Yankee fans. Booo!

Had the wreck of a special session not collapsed I would have pushed my rehab and flown back to Juneau earlier. But, the special session ended after only a few days, so there was nothing to fly back for, unless I wanted to sit in the Finance Committee room alone, which at least would have been more peaceful than a regular meeting.

Click here to read a copy of our end of session newsletter. We don't have everyone's mailing address, and are including it here for those of you who don't receive the hard copy.

It's long. Skim through to see the subjects that interest you. I felt a short summary wouldn't give you any useful information on our work, and the good, bad and ugly of what happened this session. I preferred the good, and worked against the bad and ugly. At least I tried.

I look forward to finally getting home! As always, let me know if we can help or if you have any questions.

My best,

Les Gara


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