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Federal Subsistence Board Adopts Tribal Consultation Policy


The Federal Subsistence Board, at its May 9, 2012 meeting in Anchorage, adopted a Tribal consultation policy. 
The policy provides the framework forthe Board’s consultations with Federally recognized Tribes on ANILCA 
Title VIII subsistence matters under the Board’s authority, while maintaining the central role of the Federal 
Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils as advisors to the Board.

At its May 2011 meeting, the Board directed that a workgroup comprised of a small number of Federal and 
Tribal representatives be formed to develop Tribal and ANCSA Corporation consultation policies, with the goal 
of adopting final policies at the May 2012 meeting. During the past twelvemonths, the Board met with Regional 
Advisory Councils, Tribes and ANCSA Corporation representatives and sought written comment on these draft
policies. Based on comments received from ANCSA Corporations, the Board has delayed adoption of the ANCSA 
Corporation consultation policy until the Department of Interior finalizes its ANCSA Corporation consultation 

The Board has directed that the Consultation Workgroup continue to work together to develop implementation 
guidelines for the Tribal consultation policy and the draft ANCSA Corporation consultation policy. The Board 
will follow interim implementation guidelines until it adopts final implementation guidelines in 2013.

The Board’s initiative to develop a Tribal consultation policy supports the President’s directive to improve 
government-to-government relations. Public law requires Federal government agencies to consult with ANCSA 
Corporations on the same basis as Tribal governments.

The Federal Subsistence Board’s Tribal consultation policy, draft ANCSA Corporation consultation policy, and 
other documents related to consultation can be found at http://alaska.fws.gov/asm/issue.cfml.
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