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Community Clean-Up in Mat-Su


Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:31

parkspittmanbeforeMAT-SU—It’s that time again. Yellow bags stuffed with garbage along the roadside signal the arrival of Alaska spring. From now until June 12, community councils and groups across the Borough are holding community clean-up days, when residents get out and pick up the trash, and haul it to the Borough landfill for free.

“It helps the Borough get all that litter picked up,” said Cathy Mayer, Solid Waste Division Manager.

Mayer has a few points to keep in mind as you clean up.

• Find out when your group is cleaning up by looking on this list, the Spring Clean-Up Event list. Call your group directly and receive bags from them if you are not the organizer. Add to the list the Alaska ATV Club, which cleans up Jim Creek on May 19, at 9 am. Visit their website at alaskaatvclub.org

• For a low fee, ALPAR provides the Borough 20,000 bags. The bags are not for personal property, but are for trash from public roads and right-of-ways, and public land.

• The big stuff will be accepted for free during clean up with conditions. If your neighbors want to haul in an abandoned refrigerator or camper shell, the item must come parkspittmanafterfrom public areas (road, rights-of-way, land), and the person has to fill out a form indicating where the item came from. Please do not bring in personal refrigerators as a cleanup item.

• A coupon from the Borough, valued at $12, was mailed out. It allows homeowners to clean up their own property with a few trips to the landfill.

• When hauling in the goods, tie down, strap down the bags and garbage tubs. Lids blow off.  A fee is charged at the landfill gate for unsecured loads.

Woody debris is another program at the landfill. For free until October 31, the landfill accepts woody debris, defined as: brush, logs, limbs, and bark. Under this free program do not bring in stumps, grass, or bags of leaves.

The Borough’s Bumper Drags

Last year 529 vehicles were crushed through the bumper drags and abandoned vehicle program.

Bumper Drag Dates and flyers are linked here.

Central Landfill June 1 to June 4, 10 am to 4 pm

Sunshine June 22 to June 25 9am to 7 pm

Mayer said the company, Alaska Car Crushing, hauls the cars and crushes them for free at the Borough’s impound yard. Cars can come from private property. Sign a form on the solid waste website authorizing the crushing.

Photos: Before and after at Parks Highway and Pittman Road last week. Mat-Su Borough Code Compliance worked with the State of Alaska DOT to clean up this stretch of road. Photo by Mark Wisenhunt/MSB.

See the video with cool footage of popping tires and cars being crushed from a former Bumper Drag on the Borough's YouTube video channel.

For more information call Karyn'Marie Alvorado, Mat-Su Solid Waste Clean Up Coordinator, at 746-2823, or karyn.alvarado@matsugov.us


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