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Carol Comeau recognized with new endowment fund at The Alaska Community Foundation


The Carol Comeau Endowment Fund was recently established by The Alaska Community Foundation in honor of Comeau and her dedication to the youth of Alaska. Comeau is retiring in May after more than 40 years with the Anchorage School District.
The Carol Comeau Endowment Fund will benefit the Anchorage Schools Foundation, a component fund of The Alaska Community Foundation dedicated to supporting local schools. Comeau was a founding member of the Anchorage Schools Foundation Fund when it was established at ACF in 2006 and still serves on its advisory board. Find out more about the Anchorage Schools Foundation, including how to donate, at http://www.alaskaschoolsfoundation.org.
“Donating to the Carol Comeau Fund is a way to recognize her hard work and perpetuate the strides she made working for education in Alaska,” said Candace Winkler, president and CEO of The Alaska Community Foundation.
Donations to the Carol Comeau Fund will provide support for Anchorage students in perpetuity, distributing small grants to allow teachers, principals, nurses and counselors to support innovative educational projects and the emergency needs of students for food, clothing and toiletries.  As Comeau is passionate about young children, the fund will also support initiatives that focus on early childhood education within the Anchorage School District.
“The Anchorage Schools Foundation is guided by the idea that the people who work directly with students every day – teachers, nurses, and other school staff members – are often most in touch with the immediate needs of students,” explained Karin Wanamaker, chair of the schools foundation advisory board. “Nearly every penny that’s donated to the fund is returned to Anchorage schools.”
Grants range up to $500 and have recently been used to fund projects including:
-      The creation of coloring books to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students overcome fears of going to the nurses office;

-      An East High science class that built solar suitcases capable of powering a small clinic and sent them to Sudan and Liberia;

-       The purchase of a rice cooker for a classroom in which many students were coming to school hungry every day.

-       Purchasing glasses for a student whose family didn’t have the resources to replace them after they were broken.

“Carol is so passionate about supporting education in Alaska that we wanted to recognize her efforts while also giving others an opportunity to follow her lead and help support her goals for the district,” said Winkler.
Established in 1995, The Alaska Community Foundation grants more than $5 million a year to charitable projects and nonprofit organizations across the state. ACF is comprised of over 280 component funds and endowments, including the Seward Community Foundation, the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund, the Anchorage Schools Foundation, the Alaska Children’s Trust and many others. ACF’s mission is to grow philanthropy and connect people who care with causes that matter. The foundation helps individuals, organizations and communities create funds that – like the Alaska Permanent Fund – provide financial resources to improve the quality of life in Alaska now and forever. For more information visit www.alaskacf.org or call 907-334-6700.

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