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Anchorage 2012 Angel Forum: May 17


Angels, Investors, Entrepreneurs: Join us! Click here to register for next week's free forum to learn more about the 49th State Angel Fund and angel investing.

The first application period begins May 14, 2012 and closes August 5, 2012.

More details about the program are now available via our updated FAQs

Thank you for considering investment from the 49th State Angel Fund for your business or fund. It's now possible to apply for our first investment round, open from now until August 5. The 49th State Angel Fund makes both direct investments in Anchorage's early-stage high-growth businesses, and indirect investments in third party angel/venture capital funds which meet program guidelines.

IMPORTANT! Since there's an investment of both time (1-3 hours) and money ($100 for direct applicants) to apply for the fund, before applying please:

Read the eight page public overview (PDF) and the FAQs which we've posted to best familiarize yourself with the fund.

Ready to apply?

Direct Applicants


Best fit applicants:

  • Demonstrate 10 times, leverage within 5 years.
  • Create significant economic impact within Anchorage (job creation being a key component)
  • Scale quickly and communicate an exit strategy for 49SAF.


  • Fully complete the online application (includes a $100 fee).
  • Within the application, demonstrate a likelihood of growing their balance sheet by 10 times leverage.
  • Be physically located within the Municipality of Anchorage. Exceptions are rare and hinge on economic benefit to the city. Contact us.
  • Comply with the Investee Certification for Use of Proceeds.
  • Have fewer than 750 employees.
  • Not be involved in illegal activities of any kind
  • Not be delinquent in paying any non-protested local, state, or federal taxes.
  • Agree to report quarterly to 49SAF staff regarding key business and financial activities.
  • Agree to complete the 49SAF Annual Reporting Requirements.
  • Have all principal owners agree to a standard background check.
  • Have no principal owners who are convicted sex offenders.
  • Is not a public utility or administration
  • Is not a business which earns money through:
    • passive real estate investment
    • speculative activities from price fluctuation,
    • gambling establishments, pyramid sales plans
    • a business that earns more than half its revenue from lending activities (with a CDFI exception)
    • the operation of public utilities or administration.
  • Understand that 49SAF investment means it is likely that:
    • The Municipality of Anchorage will take an ownership interest in your business.
    • Additional information or control rights may be required, per the terms of the investment. All such details will be outlined in the term sheets of applicants selected for investment by 49SAF.


Note: Direct applicants complete a 2-step process.

  • One, setting up a profile and applying through the GUST platform;
  • Two, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the investment at 49SAF.com

Indirect Applicants

(Third Party Funds)

  • Best fit applicants:
  • Help 49SAF satisfy its mission
  • Offer high initial leverage

Include experienced fund managers and partners


  • Invest only in businesses that meet the requirements to the left
  • Fully complete the online application.
  • Be a partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, trust, or estate.
  • Be organized for the purpose of investing in a portfolio of non-publicly traded investments that meet program objectives.
  • Consist of at least three accredited or qualified investors as defined by Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation D, Rule 501.
  • Be in compliance with the securities laws of Alaska.
  • Have no principal owners who are convicted sex offenders.


Note: Indirect applicants complete a 1-step process on the GUST platform


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