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Alaska Kitchen Gadget “Blossom™” Garners National Spotlight


Anchorage-based innovator, Kelly Dyer, and her kitchen gadget, Blossom, have been recognized nationally as one of the best kitchen accessories to hit retail stores this year. Blossom is a flower shaped silicon trivet that can be used in a variety of ways – from a coaster to hot-pad to a decorative accessory to stress reliever. At the Annual International Home and Housewares show in Chicago, Blossom took first place in the Tabletop Innovation category. Details on the award can be found here.  Blossom also was a finalist in the 9th Annual Housewares Design Awards® in the Countertop Kitchenware category, presented by HomeWorld Business.

This spring, Alaska-based Spice Ratchet Mills, LLC unveiled three additional kitchen products - Blossom™ mini, Pack-Away Kettle and Pack-Away Bucket.  All of Spice Ratchet’s products will be available for sale this summer at Anchorage’s Saturday Market, which runs from May 12 through August 25, 2012.

Blossom Mini is a small, anti-scratch, silicone, flower-shaped gadget designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Blossom Mini can be flexed around a small dish or bowl and heated up in the microwave up to 482°F. Blossom mini also brings fun to kid or adult parties, even if you’re using disposable cups. Like Blossom trivet, minis can be snapped together or stacked and are easy to store. It also can just be a fun bracelet, similar to a silly band.

“Blossom mini was created to easily carry in a purse, to leave in the car, or to use as a decorative on-the-go insulator for a hot latte or a cold smoothie,” said Spice Ratchet Owner Kelly Dyer “Blossom mini also makes a great coaster for the office break-room, or a bright and functional decoration while entertaining.”

The Pack-Away Kettle collapses into a tiny space and is specially designed for camping or when space is at a premium.  To use the kettle, just pop it out and use any heat source to prepare a hot drink. The Pack-Away Bucket means you no longer need to take a cumbersome or awkward plastic or galvanized metal bucket. This silicone bucket collapses flat, into a small space, then pops open into a sturdy bucket. The kettle retails for $59.99 and the bucket sells for $49.99.

The original Blossom retails for $9.99 is already available in many gourmet kitchenware stores across the country. In Alaska, Blossom can be purchased at Allen & Petersen Cooking and Appliance Center, Habitat Houseware Store, Metro Cooks, and Country Kitchen in Fairbanks. This year, a new color tillandsia purple, was added to the existing line of colors: classic black, classic red, flame orange, kiwi green, and now tillandsia purple and  Blossom mini retails for $7.99 comes in grey, yellow, blue, and koi orange  can be ordered online at www.spiceratchet.com.

Spice Ratchet Mills is an Alaska-based company providing the U.S. market with innovative kitchenware products that are manufactured in China and Taiwan. In addition to Blossom mini and Blossom trivet, the company offers a series of ceramic-mechanism spice mills including the New York washable spice mill and vintage-style Bistro mills.  Learn more at www.spiceratchet.com.

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