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[AKFarmToSchool] Contest, grants, resources



  • Don’t forget about the 'Local Food Hero' contest that runs through June 1, 2012.
    This contest is designed to connect youth with food hero's in their communities and explore what that means.
    You can find out more about the contest at: http://dnr.alaska.gov/ag/FarmToSchool/Local_Food_Hero_Contest_2012_Final.pdf

    This contest will be making a poster of the top 6 winning entries and the top winner will win $500 for their youth organization.  Five runner up prizes will be awarded $100 for their youth organizations.  To date we have not received ANY entries!!!


**Two weeks it was announced that the USDA farm to school grant RFP is available at: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/f2s/f2_grant_program.htm

The Division of Agriculture, farm to school program, plans on applying for this grant and is soliciting project ideas.  If you are interested in submitting a one page letter describing your project idea you can find the announcement or on our webpage: http://dnr.alaska.gov/ag/ag_FTS.htm  The deadline to submit your idea to us is May 14th, 2012 at 5:00pm.**

  • The USDA Farm to School Team has released new resources and information about the Farm to School Grant. Please note the time change for the upcoming USDA Webinars for the Implementation and Planning Grants.
    • Implementation Grant Webinar will be on Tues, May 15th at 3:00 EST
    • Planning Grant Webinar will be on Thurs, May 17th at 1:00 EST



  • USDA Food and Nutrition Service has also provided a policy update for the Grain Requirement for the National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs. Please see the link:  http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/Governance/Policy-Memos/2012/SP30-2012os.pdf
  • The USDA worked with the Wallace Center, its National Good Food Network, the National Association for Produce Market Managers and Project for Public Spaces to study food hubs and create this recently released Regional Food Hub Guide.

    The guide presents a series of key questions about the current state of food hub development and examples from operating food hubs. It also outlines the role that food hubs can play in regional food systems; their innovative business models; and their economic contributions to local communities. It describes dozens of funding opportunities and other resources, best practices, and additional strategies for anyone interested in developing regional food hubs.  For more information click here  



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