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2012 Pete Isleib Award Nominations Wanted


The Award’s History

M.E. “Pete” Isleib was an extraordinary birder who took his passion for birds to scientific and recreational heights.  He moved to Alaska in the early 1960s and made his living as a commercial fisherman.  He was known for his ornithological skills and his conservation work in Alaska.  One of his greatest contributions was his study of birds in the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound area.  His book, co-authored with Brina Kessel, Birds of the North Gulf Coast-Prince William Sound Region, Alaska, provided some of the earliest data on avifauna of the area.  Pete Isleib died in an accident while refitting his fishing vessel in Naknek, Alaska in 1993.

The Isleib Award for “outstanding contributions to bird conservation in Alaska” has been presented at each Alaska Bird Conference since 1994.  Past recipients of this prestigious award are Stan Senner (1994), G. Vernon Byrd (1997), Calvin Lensink (1998), Jim King (2000), Dan Gibson (2002), Brina Kessel (2004), the team of Bruce Conant and John “Jack” Hodges (2006), Robert Gill (2008), and Dirk Derksen (2010).

Nomination Material:

We encourage interested parties to submit a nomination package for someone who meets the following criteria:  1) The nominee must have contributed in some important way to bird conservation through research, policy work, volunteer work, or outreach/education; 2) the nominee may live out of state, so long as the bulk of his/her work was conducted in Alaska or pertained to conservation of Alaska birds; and 3) the award can either be for cumulative lifetime achievement or for major contribution(s) at some point in the nominee’s career.

The Isleib Award committee requests that you provide the following in your nomination package:

  1. Nominee’s full name and affiliation
  2. Short biography of relevant work in Alaska
  3. Description of significant contributions or cumulative lifetime achievement toward bird conservation in Alaska
  4. Name, contact info, and relationship to nominee of person submitting nomination

Nomination packages should be limited to one double-spaced page with 1” borders on all sides, with text in Times New Roman 12 font.  Send word document to Rick Lanctot (Richard_lanctot@fws.gov) by 1 September 2012 and use “Isleib Award” as a subject heading.  Please note: while not required for the nomination, a recent high quality photograph of the eventual recipient will be required.

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