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Mayor Dan Sullivan Memorial Day Statement


Every day, our brave soldiers stand ready for the call of our nation, as our fallen
have for generations, whether in this country or in missions around the world.
Memorial Day is time to take pause from our daily lives and reflect and honor
those who served, especially those who made the final sacrifice so that we may
enjoy the benefits of liberty today.

This year, we lost two Anchorage-based soldiers: Major David L. Brodeur died
April 27 along with seven other American service members and a contractor
while attending a meeting at Kabul International Airport.

Private First Class Amy R. Sinkler died Jan. 20 as a result of injuries sustained in
a rocket-propelled grenade attack on her military vehicle in Afghanistan.

So today we stop and take a moment to remember these brave soldiers, and all
the men and women who paid the ultimate price, as well as their families, who
make great sacrifices for our collective benefit each and every day in the name of

Today, we honor the fallen, and remember that "freedom isn't free."
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