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House Majority E-News for May 11, 2011 ANS Crude: $110.46 Henry Hub: $4.23


Day 24 Special Session Status Update

(Juneau) - With the first special session this year more than
three-quarters complete, the House Majority will issue daily status
reports from Juneau.

The Senate passed its version of the capital budget to the House May
10. The Senate softened, but did not remove, the controversial
contingency language surrounding energy projects. For most of the
special session, the Senate refused to forward the budget to the House
without guarantees that the House would sign off on the Senate version

The day's work, Wednesday, May 11, included:

1) The House Finance Committee listened to more than five hours of
public testimony on the House version of the capital budget, HB 107.

2) The House Judiciary Committee held a morning hearing on the
legality of the Senate's contingency language in that body's version
of the capital budget, SB 46.

3) The Senate Finance Committee canceled a hearing on bills
previously scheduled. The committee still holds the two outstanding
items on the special session call, one renewing the Alaska Coastal
Zone Management Program and another on the governor's scholarship
program. Both were passed by the House in the regular session.

The full text of this update can be found below:


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