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Cain Expands Iowa Lead, Gains Voter Confidence, Pawlenty Makes First Move and Palin Support Grows


Grassroots Action Alert
MAXWELL, Iowa - Businessman Herman Cain continues to expand his lead among Iowa conservatives and gain voter confidence that he can actually win, according to a new poll of Iowa conservatives. Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty's recent announcement that he is entering the presidential race has moved him to third place with 13.5% support.

The poll, conducted by the 2012 Iowa Report, exclusively surveyed Iowa conservatives through May 24. Cain's support grew from 29.8% to 35.9% and leaves him with more than double the support among Iowa conservatives than any other presidential contender. Cain is also gaining voter confidence with more than one-in-five likely caucus goers (22.4%) now saying he will ultimately win the GOP nomination. Other significant findings:
  • Despite an extensive week-long barnstorming tour of Iowa, Newt Gingrich saw his support among Iowa conservatives drop from 8.6% to 4.9% in one week.
  • Michele Bachmann remained the second favorite among Iowa conservatives (15.1%) but less than half of her own supporters think she will ultimately win.
  • Sarah Palin saw a slight bump from 7.5% to 10% and remains a serious option.
  • Mit Romney continues to register very little enthusiasm among Iowa conservatives (3.8% support) but is high in candidate credibility with 10.9% thinking he will ultimately win.
The 2012 Iowa Report Poll, a project of Grassfire Nation, is a special survey of Iowa conservatives conducted weekly to help measure where Iowa conservatives stand on the 2012 Republican presidential field. Go here to access full poll results.


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