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Prominent Alaska Village Corporation selected for National Study by Gonzaga University Law School


From Eklutna, Inc.

May 10, 2010

Gonzaga U. Law School project aims to support economic systems in select Alaskan villages and U.S. reservations.

Eklutna, Inc., the Alaska Native Village Corporation formed out of ANCSA for the Anchorage area and the Native Village of Eklutna, the federally recognized tribe, were approached in early 2009 by Gonzaga to ask about their willingness to participate in this 3-year demonstration project (see attached Gonzaga narrative). The corporation was the first Alaskan ANC asked and to accept and later help facilitate meetings with other interested parties. “We believe that having professional experts and assorted PhD’s study our protocols and processes and then transition the information into action through better policies is a healthy way to ask ourselves where we came from and moreover where we want to go when it comes to economic development and pursuing like kind opportunities.” “The tribes and the ANCs have lot of synergy here,” said Curtis J. McQueen, CEO of Eklutna. “Working with American tribes and learning from them is also an exciting byproduct of this study,” said McQueen. Eklutna, Inc. also facilitated the involvement of UAA by hosting the first meeting to be held on their campus in June.

Eklutna, Inc. has received more attention lately as a major economic stakeholder in Anchorage and within Southcentral Alaska. Recent attention has been on the corporation’s business activities which include plans to bring 1,560 new single family homes to Eagle River, Alaska with their Powder Reserve development. Additionally, Eklutna, Inc. joint ventured with CIRI and contracted with Granite Construction and Alaska Interstate Construction to bring in two new gravel pits within the Anchorage marketplace. This gravel supplies aggregate for major road construction projects and is used in new building pads for developments like the recent Eagle River Wal-Mart expansion and the new mall project developed by CIRI off Muldoon Road. Most recently Eklutna, Inc. made 70 acres of corporate lands out near the native village available to MEA for their newly planned natural gas power plant. Other projects include government contracts on Alaska bases and the new Birchwood Industrial Park now under development.

Shareholder hire, economic growth, and diversification for shareholders while providing a competitive resource for the industry closer to the market are just a few reasons Eklutna supports this study.
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