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Port of Tacoma’s New Annual Report Highlights Global Changes and Challenges


May 11, 2010

The Port of Tacoma has published its 2009 annual report, which is now available online and in print. The report highlights the recent changes in the global economy, their impact on the Port, its customers and the Puget Sound region, and how the Port is working to stay successful.

The theme of the annual report is “Meeting the Challenges of Change.”

Ports around the world faced enormous challenges in 2009 as a result of what many economists have called the worst recession since the Great Depression. The Port of Tacoma was no exception—its container traffic was down 17 percent for the year, very close to the decline reported for U. S. West Coast ports as a whole.

“More than ever, we must strive to be an efficient and cost-effective link in the supply chain for shipping lines, shippers and customers,” said Don Johnson, President of the Port of Tacoma Commission. “We all need to cooperate and work together to be successful and achieve new efficiencies and cost savings. This is especially true in light of new competitive pressures, such as the Panama Canal expansion.”

The annual report highlights some of the ways that the Port is focusing on to meet the challenges of change in today’s global economy. These include maximizing the use of existing terminal, rail and real estate assets, focusing on cooperative, market-friendly environmental programs, making strategic investments in road and rail infrastructure, and optimizing the use of technology at the Port to increase efficiency and customer focus.

The annual report is available at: http://www.portoftacoma.com/page.aspx?cid=411.

Print subscribers will receive their copy of the Port’s annual report in the mail by mid-May.

Subscriptions to all Port of Tacoma publications, including the annual report and the Pacific Gateway magazine, are free of charge. To subscribe, and to find out more about the Port’s other print publications and electronic newsletters, check out: http://portoftacoma.com/Page.aspx?nid=42

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