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NOTICE: International Airport Road - TRAINS WILL RESUME MAY 16



Commercial Vehicle Operators - The exemption at the railroad crossing on International Airport Road will no longer be in effect as of May 13, 2010. Trains will resume operations on May 16 at the International Airport Road Crossing ALL "HAZMAT and BUSES MUST STOP AT XING" Starting May 13, 2010.

§392.10 Railroad grade crossings; stopping required.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the driver of a commercial motor vehicle specified in paragraphs (1) through (6) of this section shall not cross a railroad track or tracks at grade unless he/she first: Stops the commercial motor vehicle within 50 feet of, and not closer than 15 feet to, the tracks; thereafter listens and looks in each direction along the tracks for an approaching train; and ascertains that no train is approaching. When it is safe to do so, the driver may drive the commercial motor vehicle across the tracks in a gear that permits the commercial motor vehicle to complete the crossing without a change of gears. The driver must not shift gears while crossing the tracks.

(a)(1) Every bus transporting passengers,

(a)(2) Every commercial motor vehicle transporting any quantity of a Division 2.3 chlorine.

(a)(3) Every commercial motor vehicle which, in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Transportation, is required to be marked or placarded with one of the following classifications:

(a)(3)(i) Division 1.1

(a)(3)(ii) Division 1.2, or Division 1.3

(a)(3)(iii) Division 2.3 Poison gas

(a)(3)(iv) Division 4.3

(a)(3)(v) Class 7

(a)(3)(vi) Class 3 Flammable

(a)(3)(vii) Division 5.1

(a)(3)(viii) Division 2.2

(a)(3)(ix) Division 2.3 Chlorine

(a)(3)(x) Division 6.1 Poison

(a)(3)(xi) Division 2.2 Oxygen

(a)(3)(xii) Division 2.1

(a)(3)(xiii) Class 3 Combustible liquid

(a)(3)(xiv) Division 4.1

(a)(3)(xv) Division 5.1

(a)(3)(xvi) Division 5.2

(a)(3)(xvii) Class 8

(a)(3)(xviii) Division 1.4

(a)(4) Every cargo tank motor vehicle, whether loaded or empty, used for the transportation of any hazardous material as defined in the Hazardous Materials Regulations of the Department of Transportation, Parts 107 through 180 of this title.

(a)(5) Every cargo tank motor vehicle transporting a commodity which at the time of loading has a temperature above its flashpoint as determined by §173.120 of this title.

(a)(6) Every cargo tank motor vehicle, whether loaded or empty, transporting any commodity under exemption in accordance with the provisions of Subpart B of Part 107 of this title.

§392.11 Railroad grade crossings; slowing down required.

Every commercial motor vehicle other than those listed in §392.10 shall, upon approaching a railroad grade crossing, be driven at a rate of speed which will permit said commercial motor vehicle to be stopped before reaching the nearest rail of such crossing and shall not be driven upon or over such crossing until due caution has been taken to ascertain that the course is clear.
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