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Granite Construction Volunteers in Kincaid Bluff Cleanup


Since the 1964 earthquake, Kincaid Bluff has been used as a dumping ground for damaged vehicles, appliances, and stolen cars. The ADF&G suspects the bluff might contain hazardous materials from the decaying waste and organized cleanup work over the winter to remove the trash. Granite’s Anchorage office provided manpower and equipment to aid in these ongoing efforts.

In February, the Granite Alaska Region office, along with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (“ADF&G”), led efforts to remove damaged vehicles and debris embedded in Anchorage’s Kincaid Bluff.  The Kincaid Bluff site sits adjacent to a State wetlands reserve area along Cook Inlet.  Granite and the ADF&G removed approximately 40 vehicles from the site with the use of a skilled team of operators (Jeff Kron and Scott Harter), heavy equipment and volunteers (Nathan Rogers, Joe Lyman, Silas Hoffman).   Dispatcher, Ron Locke, coordinated with local businesses, such as Inlet Petroleum, Airport Rentals, NC Machinery, Alaska Premier Transport and Fry’s Services, to donate fuel, equipment and trucking services to aid in the cleanup efforts.  

The cleanup site location added logistical issues because the vehicles were located over the edge of a 400 foot high bluff which made it nearly impossible to reach from above and therefore, required them to be pulled out from below. The bluff is above Cook Inlet which limited the accessibility to the winter months when the inlet was frozen enough to support the heavy equipment and trucks. The work was scheduled around low tides (Cook Inlet tides have up to a 36 foot vertical swing) and below freezing temperatures.  This ensured that the equipment was able to reach the site and that there would be no environmental impacts to the wetlands but it also made for much colder conditions for the guys to work in. It also meant that Jeff Kron had to put in a 4 mile long ice road to access the site.

The project had a few setbacks, including when we had unseasonably warm temperatures and had to postpone work for a few weeks to wait for below freezing conditions to coincide with low tides. The team enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the office and make a difference in the community.

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