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City’s Street-Sweeping Operation Completed Ahead of Schedule


Well-maintained equipment, better planning credited

Anchorage- Mayor Dan Sullivan announced today that because of improved
coordination and newer, better maintained equipment, municipal streets are clear of
gravel faster than in years past.

State environmental laws dictate that Anchorage's streets be swept three times every
summer: the first sweep must be complete by June 1, the second by Aug. 1, and the
third by Oct. 1. As of early this week, the first sweep is complete.
"Our Street Maintenance employees deserve a lot of credit for working hard to remove
the gravel from our streets this spring," said Mayor Dan Sullivan. "We're doing things
better by being more efficient, and this proves it. My goal is to see more of these
successes as we streamline city services."

Dan Southard, superintendent for the city's Street Maintenance & Operations division,
says several factors led to the quick clean up. "We refined our program this year to make
sure we had no wasted motion when sweeping our streets," said Southard. "The Fleet
Maintenance division worked to make sure our equipment was up and running, and we
worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get the job done. The fact that we ended
up two weeks ahead of schedule is great news for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians."

Because state roads are maintained by the Alaska State Dept. of Transportation and
other streets are serviced by private contractors, residents may still notice some gravel
on certain roads. All roads under municipal jurisdiction, however, are clear. Information
about which jurisdiction roads fall under can be found online on Street Maintenance's
website: www.muni.org/departments/operations/streets/. Click on "Maps" for a list of map

Gravel recovered during the sweeping process is saved for the next winter's gravel
needs. More than 10,000 tons of gravel are applied to municipal roads every winter.
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