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AGIA Coordinator Releases April 2010 APP-AGIA Progress Report to the Alaska Legislature; AGIA team unveils updated website


(Anchorage, AK) – The AGIA Coordinator today released a report submitted to the Alaska Legislature documenting significant milestones for the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) achieved over the previous six months.  Last Friday the APP commenced the first ever Open Season for Alaska North Slope natural gas.

“The past six months saw a strong and concerted effort by APP to develop a comprehensive plan to build a natural gas pipeline,” said Mark Myers, the AGIA Coordinator.  “As the project advanced to Open Season the state needed to ensure we followed through on providing our inducements to the project as well as ensuring the commitments made by the Licensee were intact.  Those details are documented in this report.”

Over the last several months, the state:

· Promulgated regulations relating to gas shipping commitments and to qualification for the AGIA royalty and tax inducements

· Obtained from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a waiver from certain capacity release rules as they relate to the state’s royalty gas, and

· Continued efforts to implement its strategic workforce development and training plan.

In addition, the AGIA website was updated to reflect the progress that this project is making and to make it easier for the public to follow project activity from a state perspective.

“The old website focused on the documents and efforts addressing the AGIA process culminating with the findings and determination made by the Commissioners of the Departments of Revenue and Natural Resources recommending TransCanada Alaska as the project licensee,” said Myers.  “The updated site is forward looking and will address the state’s efforts to meet our statutory requirements to advance a gasline through the efforts of the APP and TransCanada Alaska, the AGIA licensee.”

A copy of the April 2010 report is available online at: http://www.gasline.alaska.gov.  The Commissioners’ Findings and Determination can be found at: http://www.gasline.alaska.gov/Findings/findings.html.

Additional information regarding the APP can be found at: www.thealaskapipelineproject.com.
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