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TV Series Features Alaska Truckers


Alaska truck drivers for Carlile Transportation Systems were featured in May on the History Channel's season premiere of "Ice Road Truckers." The 2009 season focused on the challenges faced on the Haul Road and the ice roads of the North Slope of Alaska. The series featured the challenge of delivering 6,000 loads of freight to North Slope oil industry camps in 12 weeks. Filmmakers highlighted truckers tackling the 500-mile road between Fairbanks to Deadhorse with unexpected weather including whiteouts. Carlile is based in Anchorage and its terminals serve Alaska from Anchorage; Fairbanks; Kenai; Kodiak; Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse; Seward; Forest Lake, Minn.; Tacoma and Fife, both in Washington; Houston, Texas; and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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