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Alaska & Federal Crony Capitalists

Threatening our way of life





As you absorb today's detailed look into Alaska and Federal crony capitalism there is one thing I want to say.


We feel sorry for those free enterprise companies and individuals who, because of political agendas, have been given little choice but to  cooperate with crony politicians, bureaucrats, financial supporters, community organizers and activists of all stripes.


In effect, when government makes a formerly free enterprise a government controlled/leveraged/influenced or intimidated enterprise, the producing and support industries have little choice but to serve the new entity...or move away...or go out of business.


Nevertheless, when private enterprises do cooperate with the crony government cabal they become a crony capitalist component of that departure from America's tradition of freely picking the enterprise of one's choice.


 In today's much more detailed and longer than usual piece, we hope to provide readers with resources, talking points and an understanding of the cronyism threatening our way of life.


Through better understanding a threat, we are, hopefully, better equipped to confront it and win.


Here it is.




"Hope springs eternal, but hope is not a strategy."




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