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March 2016

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Where's the best place to have a Business Lunch?

The New Arctic Oilfield Hotel

For a company that a year ago decided not to divest itself of its Alaska holdings, nothing quite says “We’re committed to Alaska” than investing in the construction of new housing facilities for its employees and to better serve their clients.

March Madness: Bracketing Alaska's Budget

By the time this March issue of Alaska Business Monthly is published the state may be close to passing the FY2017 Operating Budget. An interesting and unprecedented measure passed the Alaska State House of Representatives by a vote of 38-1 on February 8.

Creating a Transferable Business

A majority of private businesses are highly dependent upon an owner’s individual efforts in order to run efficiently. However, many owners want to be more independent of their businesses.

Simple Sabotage: Basic Rules to Influence Productive and Safe Behavior

I subscribe to an email list service called Atlas Obscura whose mission is to send me interesting diversions throughout the week—every week—along with a bit of suggestive advertising. Topics may include anything from the best haunted houses to visit in Michigan, interesting places to take your dog, or any of a long list of important items, places, or occurrences happening in the world without me.

Morale Boosters for Those Left Behind

There is a group exercise called Lifeboat where there are limited seats in the lifeboat (always less than the group size) and group members participate in the selection of who gets a seat and who stays behind.

Alaska’s Can-Do Approach to Telecommunications

Overcoming the challenges of connecting Alaskans scattered in remote communities to each other and to the rest of the world has required both technological ingenuity and a commitment to provide service where networks are costly to build and maintain and customers are few.

Industrial and Commercial Warehouse and Storage Space in Alaska

When people mention Kenai real estate, most times they are referring to about a twenty-mile radius that includes Kenai, Soldotna, Kalifornsky Beach, and North Kenai by Nikiski, according to Fred Braun who works for Jack White Real Estate in the area.

Anchorage Housing

Anchorage is a small city with some big-city challenges, few of which are discussed as often as the cost of housing. The reality is if low-density housing is not “affordable” today, it likely never will be.

Carol Gore

Under Carol Gore’s leadership the Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) has made significant advances in providing quality, affordable housing for residents of Southcentral Alaska.
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