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The Arctic Issue


NERC Arctic Office, British Antarctic Survey, Natural Enfironmental Research Council | arctic.ac.uk


This month we’ve put together another Arctic Issue, this year in March instead of February, with quite a sampling of content focusing on Arctic issues.

All over the world, and especially (and literally) all over the top of the planet, we have Arctic issues. Nowhere is this more evident than in Alaska where the very fiber of the state’s earliest inhabitants’ being is entrenched in more than ten thousand years of survival and unity with the Arctic—the elements of which are now changing more rapidly than at any time in the last 4.5 billion years of sedimentary elucidation—as far as we know.

It’s no wonder the fierce protective nature of Alaska Natives of the state’s farthest western and northern reaches is such that these peoples of the north—their corporations, subsidiaries, and joint ventures—have become intricately involved in the exploration, development, and production of the natural resources of the area, as well as in scientific Arctic research.

Who better to submerse themselves in the dialogue among the lucrative minerals extraction industries, including the off and on again emergence of offshore oil and gas development, than the people with the most enduring history and longest DNA strain of Arctic genetic knowledge? No one.

They’ve got a lot of help in this regard. Countries and organizations from around the world are involved in the Arctic, trekking through for a chance to find out everything about it. For example, the map on this page includes Arctic Research Stations and was created by the NERC Arctic Office, British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council. The  NERC Arctic Office is in the midst of a five-year Arctic Research Program slated to last until 2016 and scheduled to have a UK Arctic Science Conference in September this year. It is another international effort to learn more about this region of the world and share ideas and findings.

Which is what we’ve done in the March issue of Alaska Business Monthly—shared ideas and findings. The team has put together another really great magazine, enjoy!


—Susan Harrington, Managing Editor


This first appeared in the March 2015 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly magazine.


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