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The New Amphib-Alaska Mark V Landing Craft


Amphib-Alaska Mark V Landing Craft

PHOTO: Courtesy of Hewitt Equipment

Engineered to do 30 mph on water - and 30 mph over land

Hewitt Equipment is excited to announce the new Amphib-Alaska Mark V Landing Craft. This unique vessel is designed to tackle transportation across a wide variety of surfaces, from hard land, to snow, tundra, ice, rivers, lakes and the sea.

Dimensions and Power/Drive Systems:

  • Length: 33 Ft

  • Width:   11 Ft

  • Horse Power: Twin 500hp diesel engines

  • Twin 500hp 18" North American T 431 H Tractor Jets

  • Hybrid Electric Track Drive

  • Generator: 300KW

  • Twin 130 KW UQM Propulsion DC Motors

  • Tracks are hydraulically lifted clear out of the water

  • Machine capable of doing this at 25,000 gross lbs

  • Track drives are Auburn gear at 15 to 1 reduction

  • Machine will travel up to 30 degree slope

  • 5000 lbs useful load

Amphib-Alaska is an Alaska-based manufacturer of vessels designed to tackle both land and marine transportation in rugged environments.  Amphib-Alaska unites Stan Hewitt's mechanical virtuosity and his knowledge of the challenges posed by untamed backcountry. His uniquely versatile is designed to conquer any course.

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