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House Passes Fix to State Dept. Performance Reviews


Chenault’s HB 298 gives process same protections as legislative audits

Monday, March 3, 2014, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska House of Representatives today passed a bill affording the recently-enacted state agency performance review process the same protection as the legislative audit process. Alaska Speaker of the House Mike Chenault’s House Bill 298 is a simple conforming fix to statute on the heels of last year’s House Bill 30.

“House Bill 298 affords the performance review documents the same protections as those of legislative audits. It allows the same confidentiality, which is necessary for the reviews to proceed in the way we’ve intended,” Speaker Chenault, R-Nikiski, said.

The performance reviews were instituted in a rotating basis for all state agencies with passage of Speaker Chenault’s HB 30. Their purpose is to ensure that the state is living within its statutory constraints, program guidelines, and wisely spending its budgeted allocations.

HB 298 now moves to the Alaska Senate for consideration.

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