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Unit 26B Moose Season To Open April 1, 2013


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will open a general season for hunting moose in Unit 26B on Monday, April 1, 2013 through Sunday, April 14, 2013.

The annual harvest quota for all hunts in Unit 26B is 15 bull moose, and eleven were harvested last fall under drawing permits. An additional four bull moose can be taken during this April general season.

The hunt includes Unit 26B, except the Canning River drainage. The bag limit for this hunt is one bull moose per regulatory year. A hunter who has killed a moose anywhere in Alaska since July 1, 2012, under either state or federal regulations, is not eligible to hunt. A hunter must have a 2013 hunting license and a 2012–2013 green moose harvest ticket.

The Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area extends five miles either side of the Dalton Highway in Unit 26B. Snowmachines, other motorized land vehicles, and firearms may not be used for hunting within the corridor. Hunters who originate outside of the corridor are allowed to cross it with a snowmachine. Hunters who originate inside the corridor may not drive a motorized vehicle from the corridor to hunt outside the corridor. Firearms may be used in this hunt area outside the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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