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MacKinnon to Jackson Successor: Put Science First

In an opinion piece published in the Daily Caller, John MacKinnon, executive director, Associated General Contractors, questions the Environmental Protection Agency’s commitment to science.  Having subjected the state of Alaska to one of the most unscientific regulatory assaults in the agency’s 43-history through its draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, MacKinnon outlines his concerns related to the regulatory chaos the agency’s actions could create for nationwide annual construction projects totaling more than $200 billion.   Read the opinion piece »


Journalistic Integrity a Lost Art?

  Pebble Partnership CEO, John Shively

In late 2012, Pebble Partnership CEO, John Shively, contacted National Geographic editor-in-chief, Chris Johns, to express his concern regarding bias, errors and extreme exaggerations contained within a Pebble Deposit article published by the magazine.  

In his letter, Shively criticizes the editorial team’s ignorance related to the economic, environmental, regulatory and human realities experienced in Alaska and the multiple unfounded claims contained within the story that show a lack of basic journalistic principles.

To date, National Geographic has not responded to the request for corrective action. 
Read the letter »



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