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Noon Today - Affordable Electrical Power For All Alaska


Registration at the door (Members: $20, Non-Members: $35)

Commonwealth North is pleased to welcome Meera Kohler, President of the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative to the podium to present a new proposal to transmit affordable electrical energy statewide and monetize Alaska's stranded North Slope gas resources. High Voltage Direct Current technology, in conjunction with modern high efficiency compound gas turbine generation has the potential to provide a cost effective means of powering the Railbelt, taking Alaska gas to market and integrating Alaska's diversified and spatially scattered population centers into a viable economic engine.

Alaska is facing a formidable energy problem; Cook Inlet gas fields are nearing depletion, rural villages are far from the Railbelt grid and need to be energized locally using expensive diesel fuel costing the poorest households 50% of their income, and energy costs are rising statewide. The hallmark of healthy, sustainable communities is the availability of reliable and affordable energy yet this remains unavailable in virtually all corners of Alaska. The North Slope has 35 trillion cu ft of discovered technically recoverable natural gas and an additional estimated 125 trillion cu ft awaiting discovery. Why, in the midst of plenty, do Alaska communities pay the highest energy prices in the nation?

Commonwealth North has been leading an effort to study, highlight, and identify challenges and opportunities in Alaska's energy environment in order to bring informed Alaskans to the table and come to solutions that will benefit all Alaskans and ensure these complex energy issues are understood. This effort is based on Commonwealth North's recent energy reports Energy for a Sustainable Alaska: The Railbelt Predicament & The Rural Conundrum which clarify the current state of production, fuel transportation, and consumption of energy in Alaska and offer long-term, viable, cost-effective solutions to those challenges.

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