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Murkowski Morning Meeting, 3/26/2013


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Note to Readers – The U.S. Senate is currently in a state work period, but the MMM team wanted to let you know that a few key amendments on Alaskan issues came to a vote on the Senate floor during Friday night’s budget approval process – which ran into Saturday morning in Alaska. While the final Senate budget bill that passed was financially unrealistic and is highly unlikely to be reconciled with the House budget, these votes indicate Alaskan priorities are gaining momentum on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Senate

Momentum for Fishery Disaster Funding, Frankenfish Labeling

Alaskan Impact: Senator Murkowski has repeatedly urged the federal government to follow through on the delivery of funds for federally-recognized fishery disasters in Alaska and 7 other states – explaining to her colleagues that they are no different from droughts afflicting farmland.  Murkowski filed an amendment (#672) last week to the Senate budget bill and led a bipartisan effort to direct resources to our fisheries, which passed unanimously around 11pm AKDT.

A widespread wariness towards Genetically Engineered salmon is building on Capitol Hill – and just as importantly, in the marketplace.  Last week, three Lower 48 chains announced they were never going to carry Frankenfish on their shelves.  Senator Murkowski co-sponsored legislation to require labeling of Genetically Engineered salmon – so that American consumers know full well what they are consuming – should it ever come to market.  That bill passed the Senate unanimously on Friday, as well.

Senator Murkowski urges the Senate to pass amendment requiring Frankenfish labeling.

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