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Legislature Proclaims Alaka a 'Purple Heart State” 3/31/13



HCR2 honors veterans wounded or killed in combat

Thursday, March 21, 2013, Juneau, Alaska - The Alaska State Legislature today passed House Concurrent Resolution 2, sponsored by Representative Shelley Hughes, which proclaims Alaska as a Purple Heart State. With its passage, Alaska now joins other states that chose to honor their veterans in the same way.

“I would like to thank my colleagues in the Senate for not only passing this resolution quickly, but for adding their names as cross-sponsors,” Hughes, R-Palmer, said. “Alaska has now joined with other states to honor the men and women in uniform who were wounded or who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and give them the recognition they deserve.”

The Purple Heart Medal is the oldest military decoration still in use, and the first award made available for the common soldier. The Alaska Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart currently reports having approximately 300 members, and the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles has issued 716 Purple Heart license plates to date. Because Alaska has the highest veteran population per capita in the United States, we assume more Purple Heart Medal recipients live quietly among us than these numbers reflect.

“It is fitting to declare Alaska as a Purple Heart State,” Hughes said. “Honoring Purple Heart recipients, past and present, acknowledges them for their sacrifices. Typically when veterans are identified it helps raise awareness of the benefits available to them; this is always a good thing. Those who serve on behalf of our country should have our deepest respect, and it is clear that the Alaska House chose to honor Alaska veterans by passage of this resolution.”

HCR 2 passed the House and Senate unanimously and will now be sent to the governor and the lieutenant governor for permanent filing.

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