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House Passes Knife Rights Act


HB 33 classifies, defines some pocket knives to clarify state law

Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska House of Representatives today passed a bill clarifying state law by defining gravity knives and switchblades to protect owners of everyday pocket and utility knives.

House Bill 33, sponsored by Representative Mark Neuman, amends state law to define which knives do not qualify as switchblades, which are illegal.

“House Bill 33 will protect Alaskans who carry one of these pocket knives from running afoul of local laws by reserving the right to regulate knives to the State, and define spring-loaded hunting, fishing, or utility knives as legal,” Neuman, R-Su-Valley, said. “Spring-loaded knives are an important tool for working Alaskans, and our outdoorsmen and women. We shouldn’t be punished nor lose our tools to seizure or forfeiture.”

The Alaska Supreme Court, in State vs. Strange (1990), has also had to consider how to define gravity knife and switchblade in the absence of a statutory definition.

HB 33 now moves to the Alaska Senate for consideration.

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