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Burn permits required starting April 1


(Fairbanks, AK) – Alaska Division of Forestry permits for open burning are required, per Alaska statute, starting on April 1. Activities that require burn permits include the burning of brush, grass, slash and yard debris.
Burn permits are required each year from April 1 to August 31 and are subject to suspensions and closures. To obtain a burn permit or to learn more about the requirements for your local area, please visit http://forestry.alaska.gov/burn/ or contact your local Forestry office. If you have already obtained a burn permit, check to see what year it expires. Municipality or borough requirements may also apply.
Prior to burning, understand the exact terms and conditions of the permit. Open burn piles must be surrounded by a non-burnable surface of at least 15 feet. As the snow melts, construct fire breaks by digging down to mineral soil. Ongoing slash burning will require a permit if the piles are burning on or after April 1.
Avoid burning substances that will create black smoke or toxic gasses. Do not leave piles unattended and keep sufficient tools and water on hand to control the fire. Ensure that piles and ash pits are extinguished by mixing them up and putting out any residual burning material. Flare-ups can ignite surrounding vegetation.
Burn barrels are a frequent source for escaped wildland fires. Approved burn barrels do not require permits and are not subject to burn permit suspensions, but are subject to closures. Learn more about approved burn barrels from the Division of Forestry website http://forestry.alaska.gov/burn/ or on the Forestry Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/AlaskaDNRDOF (view "Safe Burning Series - Burn Barrels").
Public safety and wildland fire preparedness is important. Firewise information is available at: www.firewise.org or http://forestry.alaska.gov/pdfs/firewise09.pdf.

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