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Bill Introduced to Protect the Constitutional Rights of Alaskans


Senate Bill 75 protects the rights of Alaskans to own guns and not be unlawfully detained

JUNEAU-Today, Senator John Coghill, R-North Pole, introduced Senate Bill 75  to ensure Alaskans receive all of the protections guaranteed to them under the U.S. Constitution, including the right to own firearms and the privilege of habeas corpus which includes protection against unlawful detainment. 

“Recent actions by the federal government are threatening due process and the Second Amendment rights established by the U.S. Constitution,” said Senator Coghill.   “This legislation sends a strong message to Washington, DC that we are not going to stand for anyone trampling on the rights of Alaskans.”

Senate Bill 75 would prohibit the use of any state resources when federal agents attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws in Alaska.  State resources such as State Troopers, equipment, and information would all be withheld if the federal officer seeks to arrest an Alaskan under an unconstitutional law regarding firearms or unlawful detention.

“Federal laws are very difficult to enforce without any help from the State,” said Senator Coghill.  “This bill takes away those resources.  It also makes sure that Alaskans who are arrested under these unconstitutional federal laws get the due process they are guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.”

The constitutional guarantee of due process of law, found in the U.S. Constitution, prohibits all levels of government from arbitrarily or unfairly depriving individuals of their basic constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.  Habeas corpus is a court order giving a detained person the right to go before a court to see if the arrest was legal.

 “We will defend Alaskans and their rights,” said Senator Coghill. 

Senate Bill 75 will head to the Senate Judiciary and State Affairs Committees for further consideration.

For more information, please call Jordan Shilling in Senator Coghill’s office at (907) 465-3719.

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