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Balto’s Favorite All Natural Dog Food


Who: Joy Bunde/Life Long Alaskan & Former Dog Musher

907-441-1313  ~ joybunde@gmail.com

What: All Natural Alaskan Made Dog Food Invented in my kitchen.

I make all natural dog food made with the leanest meats of the highest quality, organic vegetables and fruits and a proprietary blend of essential vitamins, minerals and Omega. If your dog is not doing well on store bought dog food or suffers from lack of energy, infections or allergies I highly recommend you try my homeopathic dog food for a week and watch the problems clear-up or get markedly better.

Ingredients -

Beef                                                                        Organic Peas

Rice                                                                         Proprietary Blend of Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Omega

Organic Eggs                                                          Organic Pees

Organic Carrots                                                    Virgin Olive Oil

All products used are fit for human consumption.  Please ask for a sample of my all-natural homeopathic dog food supply.  Always made FRESH!   ***MUST REFIGERATE!  EXPIRATION DATE: 5 DAYS FROM PURCHASE UNLESS STORED IN FREEZER

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