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Alaska Needs a Robust Oil and Gas Industry with a Stable Tax Regime


Our communities depend on these investments

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA (March 28, 2013) - The ANCSA Regional Association is calling on state leaders to continue moving on an oil tax reform bill. Tax reform for the oil and gas industry that truly results in increased production will give communities across the state access to important economic opportunities. Association members stress the importance of new and increased production with long-term benefits to Alaskans. The final bill must benefit all Alaskans, including rural residents. Ultimately, sustainable rural economies are at the heart of this issue.

Alaska needs a robust oil and gas industry in the state and requires a stable tax regime for new investments, according to Jason Metrokin, CEO of BBNC and chair of the ANCSA Regional Association. “Without it the entire state treasury is in jeopardy,” he said. “Oil tax reform needs to be about sustainability. We support new and increased resource production in Alaska, which will have tangible results for all of Alaska.”

“Alaska Natives have lived in their homelands for 10,000 years and we will be here for 10,000 more,” stated Kim Reitmeier, president of the ANCSA Regional Association. “A healthy oil and gas industry is vital but must be guided by the values of responsibility to community and cooperation to sustain our connection to the land.”

About ANCSA Regional Association
Incorporated in 1998 as The Association of ANCSA Regional Corporation Presidents and CEOs, Inc.; and includes a membership of the chairperson, president, and CEO/COO from each of the 13 Regional Native Corporations, as well as the President of AFN. The Association exists to promote the understanding and intent of ANCSA and the role of the Regional Corporations in creating a sustainable economic future for Alaska Native People. Learn more http://ancsaregional.com/

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