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Alaska Native Arts Foundation Newsletter March 5, 2013



Dear Friends of ANAF:

Traditionally, the winter months were for renewal of spirit and kinship with seasonal celebrations like the Messenger Feast, that took place in some parts of Alaska. The feast drew its name from two messengers that were sent to a village to invite guests to the festival hosted by the other community. The feasts were about sharing, trading, gaming, dancing, courting and exchanging information. Dances were accompanied by drums and storytelling about hunting, entertainment, weather, healing and teasing. The festivals would last days with entire communities participating. Today, the Festival of Native Arts in Fairbanks, Kivgiq in Barrow and Camai Festival in Bethel are just a few examples of cultural celebrations that signify those traditions revitalized.

The Alaska Native Arts Foundation is excited to be part of this revitalization movement by attending the Camai Festival on March 22 – 24 in Bethel to meet with and register new artists, to purchase artwork and share information about the programs that we offer. We are also happy to announce the current exhibit for the first time at ANAF, Alutiiq artist, Elizabeth Ellis, for First Friday on March 1. Her exhibit is about exploring her cultural heritage and weaving symbolism from her travels around the world.

Lastly, we invite you to be part of ANAF's upcoming wearable art celebration, Wear Art, Thou? An Alaska Native Fashion Show, on April 28, 2013 at the Egan Center in Anchorage. Please consider submitting wearable art pieces, buying individual tickets or tables, sponsoring, modeling or volunteering. For more information, please email: info@alaskanativearts.org or call: 907-258-2623.


- Trina, Carrie, Ryan, Sabrina and Brons
Staff of Alaska Native Arts Foundation




Symbolic Multiplicity

March 1, 2013

Wear Art, Thou?

An Alaska Native Fashion Show

April 28, 2013




Business Training -- Part Two

Train the Trainers
December 2012

In December 2012, ANAF conducted the train-the-trainers to support ANAF's statewide mission to empower village artists outside Alaska's major population centers to pass on business and entrepreneurial skills. Eight artists participated in the two-and-a-half day training. The purpose of the train-the-trainers was to provide Native artists with the insight and knowledge to share their skills and tools gained from the first training with the broader Native arts community. 



Top to Bottom (L to R):

Carrie Swanson (Yup'ik)

Charlie Pardue (Athabascan)

Diane Benson (Tlingit)

Elizabeth Ellis (Alutiiq)

Brons Olanna (Inupiat)

June Pardue (Alutiiq & Inupiat)

Alice Bioff (Inupiat)

Ed Mighell (Inupiat)



Fortnight to Christmas

December  2012

ANAF had the opportunity to display art pieces this past December at  'magpie artworks'. Our event was called Fortnight to Christmas where we displayed over 30 pieces. Hundreds of guests showed up and were thrilled about the installation. 


Top to Bottom (L to R)

1. ANAF's Invitation to Fortnight to Christmas

2. Board Member - Susie Bevins Ericsen (Inupiat)

3. Executive Director - Trina Landlord (Yup'ik) & Terzah Poe (Inupiat)

4. Holly Nordlum (Inupiat)



unspokenness & ANAF's 10 Year Anniversary Reception

December 2012


Alaska Native Arts Foundation celebrated our 10 year anniversary in December. Tanya Lukin Linklater (Alutiiq) was the featured artist of December.



Top to Bottom:

1. unspokenness & ANAF's 10 year Anniversary Reception Showcard

2. ANAF's 10 Year Anniversary banner & cupcakes

3. Board Members (L to R): Alice Rogoff & Susie Bevins Ericsen (Inupiat)

4. Tanya Lukin Linklater (Alutiiq) on Skype




New Skin

January 2013


An exhibit that featured new works of art by Beckie Etukeok (Tlingit & St. Lawrence Island Yupik), Philip Charette (Yup'ik), Shyanne Beatty (Athabascan), Ken Lisbourne (Inupiat) and Holly Nordlum (Inupiat) who were mentored in workshop taught by Sonya Kelliher-Combs (Inupiat & Athabascan).



Top to Bottom:

1. New Skin Showcard

2. Workshop Artists (L to R): Beckie Etukeok (Tlingit & St. Lawrence Island Yupik), Philip Charette (Yup'ik), Shyanne Beatty (Athabascan), Ken Lisbourne (Inupiat) and Holly Nordlum (Inupiat) 

3. Guests at the New Skin exhibit viewing a piece by Holly Nordlum

4. Shyanne Beatty standing next to her art piece



February 2013

An exhibit featuring Joel Isaak (Athabascan) for the month of February 2013. His solo exhibit was about the exploration between emotion and environment through the manipulation of traditional Dena'ina materials including roots, bark and skins.

Top to Bottom:

Picture 1: Joel Isaak

Picture 2: Tiq'a lgheli (Salmon Drum)

Picture 3: Dnigi Tiq'ets'tnaz'uyi (Moose Silhouettes)

Picture 4: Tiq'a K' enan (Salmon Mask)

Picture 5: Joel Isaak hanging Tiq'a K' enan (Salmon Mask)




Cheryl Frasca has been involved in Alaska fiscal policy issues for over 30 years, which includes working as staff for 12 years for Alaska legislative leaders and director of the Office of Management and Budget for two governors and two Anchorage mayors. 
Cheryl has received several awards including the National Governors’ Association’s  “Distinguished Service to State Government” recognition and the Ernest Gruening Award for “Outstanding Graduate Student” by the University of Alaska Southeast.   She has a Master of Public Administration degree and a B.A. degree in Political Science.  In January 2013 Cheryl was appointed to the Anchorage Assembly. 
In Cheryl's free time she enjoys beadwork, especially bead embroidery, and has a small business that leads tours for bead artists and aficionados to destinations around the world.

Some of Cheryl's most prized art in her personal collection are Alaska Native baskets from her travels throughout the NANA region while she worked for then-Representative Al Adams and ivory carvings from the Bering Straits region when she work for then-Representative Jack Fuller.


Brons Olanna, Gallery Assistant


Brons Olanna serves ANAF as a Gallery Assistant. His parents gave him his earliest introduction into Alaska Native art, as they were both artists and gallery owners. As a child he was taught to carve with materials typical to the Alaska Native arts market. His work led him to study art academically at the Rhode Island School of Design, Western Washington University, and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Brons' academic accomplishments include an AAS in Architectural and Engineering Technology, and he will soon complete a Bachelors of Science Technology with minors in Business Administration and Geology. He has also participated in the entrepreneurial development courses provided by the the First Peoples Fund. Despite these interests Brons has focused on pursuing the arts as an artist and marketer through galleries and table-sales events. He is of Inupiaq ancestry from Shismaref, currently living with his family in Anchorage. 



Artist Database Project:

ANAF is in the process of a two-part artist project. The first step in the project is verifying the accuracy  of contact and other vital information of the approximately 1,100 artists registered with ANAF. The second part of the of the project is making sure that ANAF has an artist biography for each artist. Customers are alway eager to to know more about the artists that ANAF represents. If you are an Alaska Native artist please contact Brons to update your information. 

Please send us your biographies and photos.
Our new policy is that we will not purchase artwork unless we have updated biographies and photographs.

Camai Festival

 ANAF will be traveling to Camai on March 22-24 in Bethel to meet with and register new artists, to purchase artwork and share information about the programs that we offer. 


   February 24 - March 4: Fur Rendevous, Anchorage

   March 18-22: Camai Festival (Bethel)

   April 5: First Friday

   April 28: Wear Art, Thou? Fashion Show




Alaska Dispatch

Check out this article in Alaska Dispatch about Athabascan Artist, Joel Isaak.

First Alaskans Magazine

Executive Director, Trina Landlord, discusses Alaska Native Fashion in First Alaskans Magazine.


  • Call for Art Proposals: 2013-2014 Humanities & Art Series

The Alaska Humanities Forum (Forum) is accepting proposals for its 2013-2014 Humanities & Art Series, which runs from September 2013 to May 2014. Visual and performance artists are invited to submit proposals by March 31, 2013.  The mission of the Alaska Humanities Forum is “to use the wisdom and methods of the humanities to enrich the civic, intellectual and cultural life of all Alaskans." Proposals that use the Humanities element as a point of departure will be highly considered.  In addition to exhibiting work at the Forum, the artist or artists are asked to give a short and informal discussion of their work relating to the Forum’s mission.

The Forum provides a First Friday reception with food and libations, show posters and publicity via press releases, email blasts, blog posts and social media, as well as a beautiful exhibit space in a dynamic Ship Creek location

Submission Details:

Due Date: March 31, 2013

Email Submissions to:  
sbuchanan@akhf.org by Sunday, March 31 at midnight (Alaska Time)

Please include:
  • Letter of interest that presents your proposed concept and preferred month to exhibit
  • Resume
  • Between six and 10 images representing your body of work.  Please make sure your images do not exceed 1MB each.
  • List providing information for the submitted images including:  titles, media, size, year and price/value

For questions and more information, please contact Susy Buchanan at sbuchanan@akhf.org, or (907 272-5373.

  • Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Artist Fellowships

Support for Native Artists - Apply Now!
We are proud to announce the call for entries for the 2014 Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Artist Fellowships. Online applications are due before May  3. 
"Through the fellowship program, we hope to foster the creative voices of our indigenous artists," said foundation Program Director Reuben Tomás Roqueñi (Yaqui/Mexican). "We believe in the beauty and inspiration of the work of Native artists and the fellowships provide a significant resource for their practice."
The $20,000 fellowships awarded by the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) recognize the creativity and expression of exceptional Native artists who have made significant impact in the field. American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian artists are encouraged to apply for this unique national fellowship honoring excellence by Native artists in six disciplines: dance, filmmaking, literature, music, traditional arts and visual arts. 
Artists who are members of federally and state-recognized U.S. tribes, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities can review criteria in full and apply by the May 3 deadline at:
We will announce recipients in November 2013. For questions about this opportunity, contact Program Director Reuben Roqueñi: reuben@nativeartsandcultures.org or 360-314-2421.
2014 NACF Artist Fellowships
Deadline to Apply: May 3
Application: http://nacf.us/2014-fellowships

Since it was launched in 2009, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation has awarded $1,341,000 in grants to 72 Native artists and organizations in 20 states. Created after decades of visioning among the nation's first peoples with the support of the Ford Foundation and others, we are a national charity solely dedicated to supporting the revitalization, appreciation and perpetuation of Native arts and cultures. To learn more about past fellows awarded and to donate in support of our mission, visit: www.nativeartsandcultures.org.


500 West 6th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
907-258-ANAF (2623)
907-258-2611 (fax)

E-mail: info@alaskanativearts.org
Website: www.alaskanativearts.org


Mon. - Fri.: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday: Closed


The Alaska Native Arts Foundation (“ANAF”) brings exposure to Alaska Native art in the global marketplace by increasing awareness of the cultural expressions of Alaska's indigenous peoples and stimulating demand for Native works of art.  ANAF’s primary goals are to be art consultants to our customers and stewards to our artists.  Established in 2002, ANAF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in Anchorage.



ANAF was created from visions that stemmed from Alaska Native artists and leaders with a broad understanding of Alaska's economic and political landscapes, and individuals with established connections to potential art markets.
  • Perry Eaton (Chair)
  • Susie Bevins-Ericsen
  • Alvin Amason
  • Alice Rogoff
  • Barbara Overstreet
  • Veronica Slajer
  • Mary Sattler
  • Da-ka-xeen Mehner
  • Rita Stevens
  • Georgia Blue
  • Cheryl Frasca


ANAF represents over 1,100 Alaska Native artists and displays over 2,000 unique art online and in the Anchorage retail space and gallery. ANAF connects experienced collectors and patrons of Alaska Native art with artists whose work matches their tastes. At the same time ANAF seeks to educate those who wish to become collectors in the cultural meaning of Alaska Native art, as well as, the quality and authenticity specific to the work produced by ANAF’s partner artists.



One-of-a-kind pieces are available for purchase from materials such as: whalebone, ivory, sealskin, moosehide, cedar bark and baleen, to name a few! Visit our downtown gallery or on-line www.alaskanativearts.org.



Please check out our sale! 15-85% off select items. Sale prices updated on our website and marked in red pen on tags in our gallery.



If you are interested in having an opening exhibit for First Friday at ANAF, please submit your proposals with photographs to info@alaskanativearts.org.

Click here to download the Exhibits Application Form



ANAF is always looking for new Alaska Native artists. We welcome you to fill out our artist registration form.

Click here to download the Artist Registration Form




If you are fascinated by art, enjoy working with the public, and want a challenging, meaningful volunteer position, submit your inquiry to the Alaska Native Arts Foundation! Enthusiasm, flexibility, and an interest in sharing an appreciation for Alaska Native art, we welcome you!
Volunteer Projects Include:

  • Writer: Outreach to artists to update online biographies
  • Inventory Assistant: Help receive incoming art and input to online system
  • Photography Assistant: Support photographer to upload artwork images to web
  • Other: Please describe your strengths and how we may best utilize your skills
How to Apply:

Please complete the form and attach your resume.

Please click here to download the volunteer form


ANAF enjoys sharing new art and events that are taking place in our gallery. Stay updated on brand new art and other activities through social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook link:

Twitter link:

 Pinterest link:http://pinterest.com/aknativeart/ 
Copyright © 2013 Alaska Native Arts Foundation, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Alaska Native Arts Foundation
500 W. 6th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501


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