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Winners Announced for the 2012 World Ice Art Championships – Single Block Competition


Fairbanks, Alaska (AK) – Ice Alaska has made the successful transition to its beautiful new location at George Horner Ice Park, 3050 Phillips Field Road and is now open to the public. Visitors to the park now have an opportunity to view the winners of the first round of competition in this year’s World Ice Art Championships.

In the Single Block category, teams consisting of one or two artists carved for up to 60 hours to create sculptures from a block of ice measuring 5 feet, by 8 feet, by 3 feet and weighing more than 6000 pounds (2800 kg). The final pieces are judged by anonymous juries of qualified artists and other art specialists based on three categories and their subcategories:

• Technical criteria; including precision, proportion, finish, degree of difficulty and use of ice.

• Artistic criteria; including creativity, composition, expression of emotion, and overall impression.

• Judging conditional rules; for example, sculptors are not to be present while judging is taking place.

The top ten winners of the 2012 World Ice Art Championships, Single Block division are:

1. “Treasure Hunter Blue Marlin” by Junichi Nakamura and Victor Dagatan; Japan and the Philippines

2. “The Quest“ by Egor Stepanov and Aleksandr Parfenov; Russia

3. “Acrobats” by Vitaly Lednev and Junko Yanagida; Russia and Japan

4. “Hudson Hawk” by Ivan Zuev; Russia

5. “Birth of Matter” by Tian Zu Wei and Ling Zhi Zhang; China

6. “Space Dog” by Chris Foltz and Zach Moore; United States

7. “Giving Thanks to the Great Spirit” by Oleg Klavdeev and Edward Ponomarenko; Russia

8. “DragonTango” by Ivan Loktyukhin and Vadim Polin; Russia

9. “Spirits of Our Ancestors” by Fyodor Markov and Odin Miller; Russia and United States

10. “Pegasus In Sky” by Satoru Mahoe and Takahiro Sueyoshi; Japan

101 Dunkel Street, Suite 111 Fairbanks, Alaska 99701-4806 (907) 457-3282 x3775 ageiger@explorefairbanks.com

At the awards ceremony held on March 2nd, medals and cash prizes totaling more than $4,500 dollars were distributed to the winners. The Ivalie Cox Artists' Choice Award was presented to Li Yan Liu and Qi Feng An, from China, for their single block sculpture entitled “Entertainment.”

Held every year since 1988, the World Ice Art Championships has grown to a month‐long event featuring more than 70 teams from around the world. 45,000 visitors come to the Ice Park to see these intricately carved masterpieces.

The theme for the 23rd Annual World Ice Art Championships is “Dreams Come True” and will include more than two hundred larger‐than‐life sized sculptures.

The 2012 event is in its new home at the George Horner Ice Park at 3050 Phillips Field Road, very close to the previous location. The new locale features a large on‐site pond which can produce more than four million pounds of "Arctic Diamond" ice—exceptionally clear, thick ice used by the sculptors. The surrounding trees set the perfect backdrop for the competitions' ice sculptures, and there is plenty of room left over for the Kids Park, ice mazes, a skating rink and concession area. In addition to the Single Block Classic, other competitions include the Multi‐Block Classic, the Amateur Open Exhibition for novices to try out their skills, and the Youth Classic for high school students.

The 2012 World Ice Art Championships is open daily 10am‐10pm, February 28 through March 25, 2012. To learn more about the World Ice Art Championships call (907) 451‐8250, or go to www.icealaska.com.

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