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Tundra II Book Available



We recently cleaned out a corner in the TUNDRA warehouse and came across a few boxes of a dusty, forgotten jewel. "TUNDRA II" - The second Tundra book to come forth from the mind of cartoonist, Chad Carpenter.  Comprised of comic strips published from 1992 to 1993, this humorous comic time-capsule will give you a glimpse of Tundra as you may have never seen it! You'll get to know the "Moose Nuggets" as well as a bunch of strips featuring Dudley the Bear, Sherman the Squirrel, Andy the Lemming and Chad himself. You'll also get to see what Chad's artwork looked like BEFORE he learned to draw - and you'll think to yourself "Holy cow! My 5-year-old grandson draws better than that!"


Thankfully we have a limited supply, so order now before we use them for fire starter.

 121 Pages - Black & white - Approx. 240 comic strips - Each book will be signed by Chad.

 The books sell for $10.00 in stores if you can still find them, but we are selling them for $7.50 each plus $4.00 per order (total) for S&H in the US and Canada.

These are only available on the Ink Bottle Syndicate web site at http://www.inkbottlesyndicate.com/Store.html.

Feel free to contact Bill Kellogg for questions or more information at bill@tundracomics.com, or 907-441-6882.

By the way, for those of you who have not yet received your Tundra playing cards, they are on the way - or they will be shortly. We had a lot more orders than we anticipated and it caught us off-guard. We appologize for the delay.

With Warmest Wishes,


Tundra 2


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