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The Alaska Travelgram Extra Column - March 15


Don't Miss Deals to Chicago, Hawaii + More (#6)
Alaska's G-l-o-r-i-o-u-s Parks: 2-for-1 savings (#1)!

It's been a busy week out shopping for sunglasses and snow shovels. That's the schizophrenic nature of spring in Alaska: glorious in the sky above while we trudge through the snow below. The good news is it's a G-r-e-a-t ski year! Ya! 

On the travel front, we've got all sorts of deals: inside, outside and all around Alaska!! First, tho', a big shout-out to radio co-host Erin Kirkland, who brought her pack of Tiger Scouts over to the Channel 11 (KTVA) studio for a tour. OMG--WHILE I was doing my broadcast. A RIOT!! Check it out on her blog, AKontheGo.com .

Over at KTVA, they call me a travel guru (blushing). HAHA. Same at the Alaska Dispatch. That's right: "Travel Guru". Whoa.  Check out this week's column where I talk about my very own Top 10 vacations in Alaska. No, really! I even count 'em down backwards! 

By the way, here at Chez McMurren, NOBODY calls me "travel guru". They call me many things…but nothing to do with a deity, or royalty or anything even REMOTELY like that. And the dogs just want to go for another trudge…in the snow. HA

Here we go:
1. See Alaska's Glorious National Parks: 2-for-1! No kidding. Lots of great deals--and EVERYTHING is 2-for-1. 

2. KTVA Video: Trim 40 percent off your tickets from Anchorage to Seattle or Portland.
TOP SECRET. Well, OK. It's more like "hidden in plain site". Still, $377rt is a LOT less than $616rt. Wouldn't you agree? 

4. Visit Anchorage: We're Wild About Winter! Yup, we're wild, all right!!
And it's winter! BREAKING NEWS: We're in-it-to-win-it for the SNOWIEST ANCHORAGE WINTER ON RECORD!! 

6. It's the DEAL SHEET from Gray Line/Princess/Westmark!!
Scoop 'em up while they're hot: Denali, Fairbanks, McKinley--and more! 

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