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Shooting endangers workers near Point MacKenzie Trailhead


Wednesday, 21 March 2012 17:06

pointmackenzietrailheadMAT-SU--Bullets whizzed past surveyors in the woods at Point MacKenzie yesterday (March 20). Target shooters likely did not know about active surveying beyond the Point MacKenzie Trailhead parking lot near milepost 17 on Point MacKenzie Road.

Construction work on the Port MacKenzie Rail project is increasing west of Point MacKenzie Road from the port uplands all the way to Alsop Road until after freeze up this fall. Surveyors, truck drivers, and personnel will be in the area working.

Please do not shoot from the trailhead parking lot near milepost 17 on Point MacKenzie Road. Spread the word about workers in the area and the danger of shooting there.

Site work will also be going on at the north end of the proposed rail link near Miller’s Reach Road from now until late fall.

For more information call Borough Public Affairs Director Patty Sullivan at 745-9577 or email psullivan@matsugov.us

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