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Reducing Pain at the Pump


Alaskan Impact: Fuel prices have doubled over the past 3 years and are now threaten America’s economic recovery.  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today examined how the federal government can help consumers with gas prices. Sen. Murkowski believes it's imperative on Congress to explore every option to reduce the impacts high gas prices are having on American families and businesses by increasing domestic production 

6:00am AKST

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing

Topic: “Gas prices: near-term and future outlook”

Testimony from:

·         Howard Gruenspecht, Energy Information Administration

·         Daniel Yergin, chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates

·         Frank Verrastro, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Senator Murkowski informs the committee of the high costs of gasoline in Juneau, Barrow, Kotzebue.  

Watch the entire hearing online: http://bit.ly/GZ1MaQ

House of Representatives Events  

Health Care Reform in the Hands of the Highest Court 

Alaskan Impact: Yesterday, the Supreme Court wrapped up three days of oral arguments on the health care law. Today the House Ways and Means Committee continued the discussion on the constitutionality of the health care law and its individual and employer mandates.   

5:00am AKST

House Ways and means Committee Hearing

Topic: “Individual and Employer Health Care Mandates”

Testimony from:

·         Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network

·         Joseph Henchman, vice president for legal projects at the Tax Foundation

·         Steven Bradbury, partner at Dechert LLP

Off the Hill Events

Choose Respect

Alaskan Impact: In Alaska, domestic violence and sexual assault rates are two and a half times the national average. In rural Alaska, 3 out of 4 American Indian and Alaska Native women will be physically assaulted in her lifetime. Today, the Alaskan Delegation held a “Choose Respect” rally.

8:00am AKST

Choose Respect Rally 

Topic: “Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness


·         Senator Murkowski

·         Senator Begich

·         Congressman Young

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