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OREC Offers a Webinar on Navigating the FERC Website




OREC Webinar

Navigating the FERC Website: How to File Documents, Follow FERC Proceedings and Find Free Resources

Seemingly benign, the FERC website, www.ferc.gov, contains a treasure trove of useful information for those who know where to look.  In this introductory OREC webinar, OREC Counsel and FERC practitioner, Carolyn Elefant, will lead you through the FERC website and explain how to subscribe to dockets, file and retrieve motions electronically and most of all, how to search for resources on law and regulations, studies and other materials that can help MHK or any renewable developers or stakeholders here in the US or overseas to uncover useful information.  As a special bonus, you'll have an opportunity to submit questions that Carolyn will answer during the webinar.  We guarantee that this webinar will save you time and money - and provide you with access to valuable studies, data and information that are all part of the public record (and for information that isn't, Carolyn will explain the process of filing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request or seeking CEII (Critical Energy Infrastructure Information). 

The webinar is scheduled for March 27 at noon ET.  Cost is $29; free for OREC members (please contact Sean O'Neill at soneill@oceanrenewable.com for the code).  Please stay tuned for a full calendar of OREC Webinars coming soon.  To submit questions in advance of the webinar, email them to info@oceanrenewable.com with caption "FERC Webinar Questions)

To sign up, visit this link- OREC Webinar Registration

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