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Northern Gas Pipelines UPDATE for March 6



We are now headed off for an interview on the Dan Fagan (NGP Photo) Radio-TV morning show with Elizabeth Giardina (NGP Photo), beginning at 7 a.m. (Anchorage Time).  Here's another link.  Hopefully, some of our readers will listen and call in.  Later today or tomorrow, we hope to include the audio of our talks with presidential candidates last week: Gingrich, Santorum and Paul.

The Anchorage Tea Party last night presented a forum on the coastal management issue in Anchorage.  In the fall election, a ballot measure will let citizens vote on a ballot initiative, "An Act Establishing the Alaska Coastal Management Program."  .Glen Gray briefed the audience on the issue while Bill Jeffers presented information on HB 106, "An Act extending the termination date of the Alaska coastalmanagement program."   Sponsors note the importance of the issue relates to the fact that Alaska's coastline is an area that exceeds the combined coastlines of all the other states (including Hawaii): 6640 miles vs. 5839 miles.   A video of the event is scheduled to appear on the Anchorage Tea Party website this week.  

Ron Paul, Alaska, Gold Standard, TARP, Federal Reserve, 1 trillion first year, Photo by Dave HarbourADN Editorial by Michael CareyMichael Carey, Anchorage Daily News, OCS, Ron Paul Editorial (NGP Photo).  "The American people are finally fed up," Paul said. But his audience didn't seem so much fed up as excited to see a presidential candidate a few feet away who reflects their beliefs. For the moment, a 76-year-old congressman had star power, and the audience roared its approval.  "It's your money, isn't it?" Ron Paul (NGP Photo) likes to say. "And who knows how to spend it better, you or the government?"  Believe me, in Anchorage that's a line that will draw a standing ovation every time, and nobody delivers it better than Ron Paul.     *       See AP story by Dan Joling, "Paul Fires Up Crowds...,"   Alaska Dispatch Story by Ben Anderson and Your Alaska Link News Video.    

(Comment: in a meeting with media after the presentation, Paul refered indirectly to Alaska natural resource issues, pointing out that the federal government exercises too much regulation and that regulatory agencies could be brought under control by direction of the president.   In response to our question, he also said that those who purchase federal leases (i.e. OCS,  NPR-A, etc.) should expect more certainty and less delay.  -dh)

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