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Northern Gas Pipelines UPDATE March 20, 2012


While we are tethered to our faithful readers this morning via sattelite from a boat near Cozumel, we neverthe less think of you and provide this investment climate update courtesy of Resource Development Council for Alaska.  -dh

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee heard public testimony on CSSB 192,
which made only minor, inconsequential changes to Alaska's current punitive
oil tax structure. Of the Alaskans who testified, an overwhelming majority
opposed CSSB 192 and voiced their support for meaningful reform to the tax
structure that will result in the investment needed to reverse the
production decline and put new oil into the pipeline.

RDC would like to thank the following for testifying at the hearings in
opposition to the CSSB 192 and in support of meaningful tax reform:

Ted Baran, Chuck Becker, Joe Beedle, Richard Beneville, Deborah Brollini, Jason Brune, Winston Burbank, Blythe Campbell, Kati Capozzi, Steve Castle, Jim Christian, Brad Clarke, Bryan Clemenz, Tim Coe, Karen Cowart, Emily Cross, Eric Downey, Cathy Duxbury, Frank Flavin, Kim Griffith, Krista Gonder, Ken Hall, Tom Hendrix, Lisa Herbert, Dave Hopkinson, Coral Howe, Brian Hove, Michael Jesperson, Lynn Johnson, Ginger Kane, Rada Khadjinova, Cliff Kilhenny, Jeff Lentfer, Brad Lipscomb, Warren Lucas, Peter Macksey, Tom Maloney, Heather March, Joe Morrison, Jim Neeley, Beau Obrigewitch, Frank O'Connor, Ben Packa, Rachael Petro, Jim Plaquet, Lora Reinbold, Andy Rogers, Keith Silver, Renee Scofield, Brent Senette, Mary Shields, David Stieren, Eli Stine, Pete Stokes, John Stutzman, Tara Sweeney, Maynard Tapp, Aves Thompson, Jim Udelhoven, Mila Umanskaya, Jean Woods, and RDC Staff.

RDC will continue to keep its members posted on this critical issue and
future opportunities to testify. In the meantime, for those who were unable
to testify today, please consider emailing your views to members of the
Senate Finance Committee:

Co-Chairman Senator Bert Stedman:

Co-Chairman Lyman Hoffman:

Senator Dennis Egan:

Senator Johnny Ellis:

Senator Lesil McGuire:

Senator Donald Olson:

Senator Joe Thomas:

To further support meaningful oil tax reform, RDC and many of its sister
organizations are sponsoring a 'Rally for Reform' next Wednesday, March 28.
For more information, please visit:


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